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After its introduction, the composition consists of two verses, a bridge, three verses (the second of which serves as an instrumental break), followed by a repeat of the bridge, a further verse, and an outro.

Further to the message of the song title, Harrison offers his love only if he should happen to need "someone", and on the condition that time allows for such a relationship; he conveys his feelings in matter-of-fact terms.

It is arranged in the folk rock style, a genre that the Byrds had introduced by blending the respective styles of Bob Dylan and the Beatles, and features prominent three-part harmony vocals and Rickenbacker twelve-string electric guitar – the instrument that the Byrds had adopted to replicate Harrison's sound in the 1964 film A Hard Day's Night.

Clapton also performed the song at the Concert for George tribute to Harrison in 2002, while Mc Guinn released a cover version on his 2004 album Limited Edition.

when the Byrds were enjoying international success with their debut single, a folk rock interpretation of Bob Dylan's "Mr.

In those days, tweaking a Beatle was like blaspheming the pope ...

Every English group owed them a huge debt, but I had no intention of kissing their asses ...

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Beginning with the band's UK tour in December 1965, "If I Needed Someone" replaced "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby", written by Carl Perkins, as Harrison's lead vocal spot in the Beatles' live shows.