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Your father’s been shot.” The facts remain murky, but Fatima is convinced that her uncle Zardari and, by implication, her aunt Benazir were complicit in the killing.The sparks generated by this belief are intensified by her uncle’s current position as president of Pakistan.Plumb the depths, and it becomes queasily, confusingly violent.A brief summary: Fatima’s grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was a member of an extremely wealthy feudal family with surprisingly leftist political views.“Yes, but at least I have the opportunity to talk about my father’s case. Before dessert, Fatima gave a speech, which was less about her family history than the current challenges facing Pakistan.Neat and well groomed, with a confident speaking style, she trained her outrage on the Hudud Ordinances, a set of laws introduced by General Zia as part of his Islamisation process, one of which effectively makes rape victims guilty of adultery, a crime punishable by stoning (although this has never been carried out).

The first she heard of her father’s murder was Zardari’s remark, “Oh, don’t you know?

the midst of all this, Fatima was born in Afghanistan in 1982, where Mir and Shahnawaz were the founders of a movement committed to the violent resistance of General Zia’s regime.

After Shahnawaz’s death in 1985, Fatima and her father moved to Damascus, and the movement was disbanded.

Here, Fatima is wearing a cropped suede jacket by MARNI over a long black tube dress by MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA.

The bracelets, here and throughout, are by LAURA BAILEY for MADE.

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