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The plants were all in the group that had the lowest level of carbon-14, while the dinosaurs and megafauna formed three other groups. They for a discord between carbon-14 dating and old-earth thinking, but they are by no means conclusive.This kind of structure would not be expected in data that come from contamination. Even combined with the previous studies, for example, the specimens represent only a small fraction of what is available to measure.If “modern” carbon contaminated these fossils, it would enter them as collagen!Third, there are some chemicals (like humic acid) that are common contaminants, and it was confirmed that the treatment done on the samples removed those contaminants.Also, until there is some explanation for the trends in the data, such as the grouping I mentioned above, there is always the possibility of an alternative explanation.

Just go to the grid for Wednesday and double-click on “BG02” at the bottom of the fourth column.

However, creation scientists have carbon-dated fossils, diamonds, and coal that are all supposed to be millions of years old.

Nevertheless, they all have detectable amounts of carbon-14 in them.

As a result, it is always possible that they are not as reliable as they seem.

However, as time has gone on, more people have been looking for carbon-14 in carbon-containing materials that are supposed to be millions of years old, and the results are becoming more and more convincing.

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Another study showed that fossil ammonites and wood from a lower Cretaceous formation, which is supposed to be 112-120 million years old, also have detectable levels of carbon-14 in them.

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