Emilie de ravin dating roswell

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Emilie de ravin dating roswell

She has played Tess Harding on Roswell and Claire Littleton on the ABC drama Lost.

Onimusha is postponed for an unknown amount of time and there is not any confirmation if De Ravin will continue the project. The film received its wide release on 12 March 2010.She landed this role one month after moving to Los Angeles at the age of 18.In 2004, De Ravin was cast to portray Claire Littleton on the hit ABC drama Lost.I’ve gotten such wonderful feedback and it really makes me happy. She wants that stable partner with somebody…that mirror effect with somebody else. Everyone has something in them that’s dark that’s, you know, inherently not what you want to be, and people don’t want to admit it. It really hits home with a lot of people on an emotional front. Gold] have a lot of hills and valleys in their relationship, which is truly cool and really fun to play with… And yeah, I think they might be on the right track for that… HG: Do you think Belle will ever find that true happiness? The only [reason] she’s able to continue [her relationship with Mr.

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Career De Ravin's first major role was a recurring part as Curupira in the TV series Beastmaster.