Dumpster dating

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Yesterday morning, police on Vancouver Island got a call about suspicious people in the Victoria suburb of Saanich. "DIRTY ROTTEN SEX"or"Dirtly Rotten RAT SEX"oroh gawd too many visions.......... eauwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I don't how it works where you live, but here in the lower mainland all dumpsters are owned by private companies (such as waste management for example).

When an officer arrived, he discovered a man and woman having sex in a dumpster. I understand that..was wanted for another on other charges...tell me..was the woman not charged? ..get a hotel room..even the back seat of the car.... I've made it to the first step of getting the door opened for a couple of potential dates,but once my eyes focused on the inside of the house the date itself never had a chance. I'd prefer the risk of getting caught shagging on a park bench before I'd be desperate enough to go into that stinky smelly bin. Maybe she had a nasty odor coming from her nether regions that made the dumpster smell more preferable? Nope...wanna come out of there smelling like the last months worth of trash they can have at it! These bins are placed at the restaurant or business who is then charged a pickup dumping fee per bin.

"It's a.m., so it's dark and he called out to the people in the dumpster and didn't get any response," said Saanich Police Sergeant John Price. Would you report someone else having sex in a dumpster? Unless I knew they were in danger because the garbage truck was about to empty the dumpster I'd let them have their fun. and NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I would not have sex in a dumpster! or the ladies room at the 7-11...24/7....unless you live in West Van...I think the OP is a voyeur btw. I am having a "vision" of the OP leaning against a dumpster, a single rose in hand, waiting for his date to arrive.... In these scenarios dumpster sex would have been one or two steps above the cleanliness of such abodes. You raised a good point (or was it the lid of the dumpster)?

"So he went over there with his flashlight and poked his head in at the bottom of the dumpster," he added. Cops arrested the 26-year-old man, who was wanted by another police department. There was another incident where someone reported people having sex in a dumpster but the lovers fled the scene before police arrived. Otherwise I might consider quietly having a few people set up some lawn chairs and wait, so we could give the amorous couple a round of applause when they finally emerge. Seriously, dumpsters are usually owned by a municipality so perhaps they would be trespassing?

Linnea Hayda, 31, of Vail has been charged with attempting to influence a public servant, tampering with evidence and false reporting to the police.

April 25, 2009Victoria -- Talk about getting down and dirty.

What a horrible smell there must be in there and why would people want to have sex in such a smelly dark place? I am sure there are plenty of other places to "make whoopie" outside a garbage dump.... Hope this is not a new fad that is happening................

so grosss Other then the reaking smell of garbage, and the garbage truck, what the heck, just another place to GET IT ON, even if it is, in the dumpster.

Perhaps there is a law that specifically prohibits dumpster sex?

I'm trying to envision politicians debating this law, and perhaps the Liberals trying to defeat the bill.... This whole event of having sex in a dumpster is making my skin crawl.. I can not think of one good reason why people would do that..still sounds gross to me..

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Down a couple of glasses of wine during the foreplay, then go for the whole enchilada ...