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Doric order dating

All the Roman orders differ in the relation of the column heights to their diameters, but a certain amount of resemblance is traceable to the earlier Greek form in both the Ionic and the Corinthian.

This is perhaps least true of the typical Roman Doric, taking the form given by Vignola as typical, as this Roman Doric column is less like the Greek form than either of the other Orders.

Then, in the foreground, is shown the base of a fluted column of the Attic type.

Some form of bracketed capital and a bell-shaped capital decorated with lotus motifs were used most frequently in India, China, and Japan.cushion, capitals, square on top and rounded at the bottom, served as transitional forms between the angular springing of the arches and the round columns supporting them.

Grotesque animals, birds, and other figurative motifs characterize capitals of the Romanesque period.

The Doric column of the Romans is eight diameters in height as compared to the seven diameters of the Greek Order, and is one-seventh of its base diameter less at the neck; and it therefore differs, by the height of an entire diameter more than the other Roman Orders, from the general proportions of the Greek originals.

Aside from differences of proportion in the column shaft itself, and the different method of fluting the late Roman column, there is a very radical difference in the treatment of the entablature; while Vignola has given in the pedestal an addition which first appears in the architecture of the Romans.

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At the beginning of the Gothic period, exotic features tended to disappear in favour of simple stylized foliage, crockets, and geometric moldings, particularly in France and England.

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