Does catholic church say dating

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Does catholic church say dating

If it is not prolonged or passionate, and is not accompanied by any immodesty, it is not sinful, but even then it can produce a strong tendency towards evil that must be seriously resisted.What is called necking or petting or soul-kissing, etc., is forbidden because such conduct is intimately bound up with, or inevitably leads to, indulgence in forbidden pleasure." A woman has written the following article on a subject that is of interest to young men as well as to young women and it is so sensible, so clear, so instructive, that it deserves to be widely circulated: "I get a great many letters from young girls who want to know what they shall do about the kissing proposition.Non-passionate kisses that is, those which are of such a nature as not to arouse the passions of a normal person are not sinful in themselves, though they may easily prepare the way for passionate kisses, especially when indulged in by young persons of the opposite sex.

For a girl to give her lips to every Tom, Dick and Harry who takes her to a moving picture show or escorts her home from a dance is something unthinkable....

Necking and petting should never be indulged in by those who wish to remain virtuous.

"Of all the youth who go to parties, attend dances, and ride together in automobiles, more than ninety per cent indulge in hugging and kissing," says Judge Lindsey of Denver.

They say that it is practically a case of no kiss, no beau, for the young men who take them about demand a good-night kiss as pay for their courtesies, and if they refuse, it is, indeed, goodnight, in the slang phrase for they never see these osculatory youths again.

"Now the innate modesty and delicacy of those girls revolt at yielding their lips to men to whom they are not even engaged; to men who do not even pretend to be in love with them.

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"If girls were only wise enough to realize how fascinating aloofness is, and what an appeal unsullied purity makes to the masculine imagination, they would keep every man at arms length at least until he had come out and popped the question.