Dating violence poetry

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Dating violence poetry

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Parents of teenagers can get involved by discussing healthy vs. The greater community can get involved by donating to Empower Yolo’s Prevention Education Program, as there currently is no funding specific to prevention education.

In an effort to raise awareness for local teens about teen dating violence, highlight resources and encourage teens to express themselves through writing, Empower Yolo’s prevention education team will host a poetry jam with students during lunch at Pioneer High on Wednesday, Feb. Woodland High will have its own poetry jam at lunch on Thursday, Feb. If you wish to support or sponsor these events for our local teens or for specific questions about teen dating violence or prevention education, please call Juan Lopez at 530-665-5319 or Yee Xiong at 530-665-5320.

These groups aim to prevent violence against women before it starts by engaging young men as allies to fight against sexual violence and domestic/teen dating violence.

“Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month aims to spread awareness about teen dating violence, a problem that affects millions of students across the U. directly and many more indirectly,” says Juan Lopez, director of prevention education at Empower Yolo.

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One in three adolescents in the United States will experience physical, sexual or emotional abuse by someone with whom they are in a relationship before they become adults, a figure that far exceeds rates of other types of youth violence ().

Presentations cover a range of issues, including abuse types, date rape, predatory drugs, teen dating violence, healthy relationships and bystander intervention.

Emerson Junior High School students who participated in Empower Yolo’s “Be Strong,” and “My Strength” and “Our Strength” programs show off their T-shirts, donated by Davis Community Church.

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There are signs of being in an unhealthy relationship and indicators you or a parent should be aware of.