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These may include: husband and wife; girl friend and boy friend; high school and college students in dating relationships; children, parents, elders, grandparents, brothers and sisters, housemates, roommates or same sex partners.I hope the information in this brochure will help you or someone you know seek protection and safety.

A sworn statement ( affidavit) describing the facts of a recent or past incident(s) of abuse is required on the application or complaint form for a 209A Order.The Victim Witness Advocate is available to explain the charges and the court process.Victims are provided with on-going emotional support, information, case updates and referrals for services throughout the time the case is in court.It is also important to provide information about the abuser, such as work address, telephone, birth date and social security number.The court can order the abuser to: The court can also award temporary support and custody of minor children to the victim.

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Show the Order to the police and explain how it was violated; for example: a punch, slap, threat, entering the house or apartment or refusing to leave, or any contact at home, the workplace, by telephone, mail or in person.

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