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She added: “They had lots of questions about it and some family members needed reassurance that we were all happy and no-one was getting hurt.“People sometimes ask me if it means that I love my husband or any of my partners less and I say no.I have had women assume that I am a ‘man-eater’ and will try to seduce their husband – to be honest that just makes me laugh.“People have the idea that polyamory is all about sex which isn’t the case. I generally wait a month or so at least before becoming sexual with anyone I start dating.“My relationships themselves vary in how sexual they are – one of them being more platonic with not much more than cuddling and kissing.

The idea that loving more than one person might no make me a terrible human being.“I bumped into a person who had more than one partner.Of course, some of my relationships have been sexual, but sex is not the driving force for me.“I am longer with the partner that I first explored polyamory with, though he and I remain close friends and he has continued to be polyamorous.” She married her husband Tim in 2013 at Manchester Museum under the Tyrannosaurus Rex after dating for nine years.Mary has been with her fiancé John since 2011 and is planning to marry him this year in a full wedding-style commitment ceremony.The tail was heavy and long, sometimes containing over forty vertebrae, in order to balance the massive head and torso.To compensate for the immense bulk of the animal, many bones throughout the skeleton were hollow, reducing its weight without significant loss of strength.

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