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Dating stanley marking gauge

In general use, different types exist for woodworkers and at first glance it would seem confusing to anyone new to woodworking as to what they do, how they differ, what they should be looking for to buy and what to use.So, let’s have a go at demystifying the offerings of three centuries.They have the usual round, pointed pins of hardened steel with a sliding brass bar used to adjust the second pin. I am ashamed to say that even well known Sheffield makers seem to now produce tools of substandard quality on a par with Asian importers yet selling under the once well-earned Sheffield banner. Many US catalogs are buying from English makers that have poor quality in production so, regardless of where you are, most of these tools must be further fettled on arrival.The thing about the gauges I bought was the unfinished quality I see as the hallmark of most gauges made by modern makers today. The first thing I did on arrival is sand down the finish to remove the harshness of the lacquer they used as a finish.As I said, the marking gauge has a single pin or cutting disc and runs a parallel line to the edge of a section of wood.Another type of marking gauge runs two parallel lines adjacent to each other. Since the 1950s, makers have combined both the marking and mortise gauge in a single gauge we call a combination gauge.I have bought most of my gauges secondhand and there is little to go wrong with them.For my schools I bought some rosewood and brass ones with good features and solid setscrews that I liked.

It is 7.5" long, has a total of 3 scribe point, one is adjustable via the end brass thumb screw.These lines delineate the precise cut lines we use to guide subsequent stock removal by sawing, planing or chiseling.In general furniture making and joinery we use mostly two types of gauge, a marking gauge and a mortise gauge.I then break the edges by planing the arris with two swipes on a shallow setting.240-grit sandpaper finishes the job and i then apply a coat of furniture polish to all areas including the slide-bar groove.

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The stock and beam of most 99% of gauges are made from wood, whereas with more modern types we see more made from all metal.