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Dating site for short men

“They write that they’re looking for a taller guy, but then again, they’re contacting me,” he says, adding that at first he felt the need to explain to them that he might not live up to their lofty standards.“I used to tell them I’m a lot shorter than you’re looking for, but I don’t do it anymore because it’s pointless.Coping strategy: Realize that most women will bend their rules for the right guy While the situation may look bleak, shorter online daters shouldn’t despair and here’s why: What women list they want in a mate can be light years from what they’re perfectly happy to accept in the right guy.Eric, for one, was at first surprised when his online profile got interest from taller women who were breaking the very height requirements they listed in their own online profile.Case in point: Most men don’t pay that much attention to a woman’s shoes, but shorter guys hone in on them, and for good reason.“If I see a tall woman who’s got on four-inch heels, that’s a subtle message that she’s into being tall and it’s part of her personality.They see it in your profile anyway.” Bill, a 35-year-old publishing executive from Rochester, NY, who’s 5’6”, says he’s had a good response online from women of all heights.

“But when I see a tall woman who wears flats, it’s a clear sign she’s not caught up in being tall.“If I’m approaching a woman who’s taller than me, I’d probably be dissuaded much more easily,” continues Eric.“I’ll probably interpret any bit of coyness or lack of enthusiasm as ‘Well, she just doesn’t go for shorter guys’ and steer clear.” Coping strategy: Know that plenty of women don’t mind half as much as you think they do While sussing out who’s open to dating in the lower height ranges isn’t easy, there are ways to get a handle on who’s game.“There was a woman I was absolutely smitten with,” recalls Charles, 40, who’s a 5’7” surgeon living in New York City.“She was only a couple inches taller than me and friendly to me in group settings, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

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You might just meet the soulmate you’ve been dreaming of. If you're looking for someone with a shorter stature you'll find what you're looking for in our Short stature matchmaking community.

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