Dating my teacher

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Hogwarts welcomes yet another Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, who stirs up some trouble with the students. However, after revealing her immense power this year holds so much more. The magical adventure begins when Kieran Lupin is invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Olivia Sawyer has to find a way to be able to learn the defensive magic she needs since Umbridge had made it clear that they won't be learning to defend themselves. There was always something odd about that Lupin boy.

It's a crazymaking, heady thing to realize how attractive you are, and how attracted you can be, to someone you like and admire. Yes, it's a wonderful thing to feel it, but not a wonderful thing to act on it.

When you're a minor and it's a teacher or there's an age discrepancy, it can be even more of an amazing feeling, and one hard to withstand. You can 'get' this older person to look at you almost whenever you want. But that doesn't mean you should follow your feelings. In fact, it's a terrible thing to act upon these feelings of desire with your teacher.

--- They say teachers are the guides to a good life. Aurora Lyken moves back to her parents' hometown after her mother passes away.

She hates her English teacher and most of the students.

Mukuro Suiro is an aloof and unmotivated 3A class student at the famous Kunigigaoka Junior High School. Charles always thought himself to be one of those typical, ...

You'd see how odd things would always happen in the si..."Words cannot impress the mind without the horror of their reality." Luckily, their entire reality is a contradiction.

Rosaline is an ordinary teenager with problems any other teenager would have.

She would stay out of the way, go by unnoticed and that was the way she liked it.

I know for me, I feel like I owe our teachers the world!

Our kids come back from school smarter, more confident, and happier just about every day, and we owe it all to the amazing teachers in their lives.

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What happens when one of his students, -Arielle Winters- is out walking late one night and sees Mr. Will she get away without being spotted, or will Mr. A girl who does exactly what she wants with her life is shown how much better life is when you meet someone special in the unlikeliest of places.

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