Dating man 25 year older

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Since I realize my advice is very one-sided, and I really don't know anything about you or your love interest, I want to offer you a different perspective. Ava Cadell, Love Guru, Therapist, Author, and founder of Loveology University.

By dating someone so much older, you are missing out on being with someone who is in the same phase of life that you are; someone with whom you can share the joys and pitfalls of discovery.It takes a certain amount of compatibility to carry you through the decades ahead. I hear that you are an old soul, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to date someone significantly older to meet your "soul-match." I say go for a five to seven year age difference.But bottom-line, you are the only one who really knows if this relationship is a fit.Dating an older man can be an ego boost since being wanted by someone older makes you feel more mature.I share this with you because I encourage you to ask yourself if some of his appeal lies in the simple fact that he is older.

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