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Dating kerr mason jars

8 04 2007 - They have the Liberty bell with the date 1776-1976. I also have a number of Presto jars and the old glass insert-type two-piece lids. Ball mason jars are a type of home canning jar made by the Ball Corporation. Simple straight forward dating canning jars particularly if we are the one dating vintage atlas canning jars playin a game of pool or catch up on ps4, xbox one. Mason jars are also referred to as Ball jars since the Ball Corporation. and you'll see a graphic that is incredibly useful for dating Ball jars by the logo.

Another concurrent method of sealing also included wax poured over a glass jar by the home canner. 20 08 - Both PRESTO GLASS TOP jars and PRESTO SUPREME MASONS . Grouping of food bottles dating from the 1860s to 1930s; click to enlarge. Owens-Illinois workers used an old mold from either the. Old canning jars are popular among collectors for their lovely colors, interesting shapes and the nostalgic memories they evoke. 18 08 - How to date a vintage ball jar, including a chart with the different markings that Ball used in manufacturing their early canning jars .

Moira Sullivan is a San Francisco-based freelance writer with a Ph. Shop huge inventory of Vintage Ball Mason Jars , Vintage Blue Mason Jars , Vintage 1 Gallon Mason Jar and more in Collectible . This Presto Supreme Mason quart jar is about the only square one I found..Wide Mouth Pint Jar Ball Mason Jars Vintage Preserving Canning Lids 16 Oz. Here is a site that is great for dating your Ball jars (just copy and past it into the. antique vintage canning jars , Ball Ideal Atlas E Z Seal pint and half pints blue & .. Puedes consultar la lista de mujeres disponibles en tu zona para buscar a través de sus imágenes.Y, por favor, ¡te recordamos que mantengas su identidad en secreto!

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That was the date when John Mason received his patent for the threaded screw-type closure, and it appears on many different brands of jars. Check the logos below against the logo on your jar. Ignore the Mold Number How about that big number on the bottom of many jars? The quality control people used the number on the bottom of the jar to identify which mold was producing bad jars.