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Dating image pack

I collect Christmas ornaments from each place I visit, and fortunately, these are small and easy to fit into a small space. I happily trade the ease and convenience of being able to cart my own luggage around for the ability to buy more things. Do you have any tips or tricks for packing lightly? Michele is married, has two grown daughters and lives in Madison, Wisconsin.I would love to hear your thoughts about traveling with ease. I added a denim jacket to the mix, as evenings in Texas can be chilly.We were also planning a couple of days at the Canton Flea Market, and I like the many pockets on the jacket for handling small bills.I take a small amount of laundry powder with me in case I want to wash something. She left her career of over thirty years in order to create the life of her dreams.The downside of traveling lightly is that I don’t have room to bring home souvenirs. She is passionate about helping others understand their unique personality and gifts and design their best lives.The shoes in my carry on were a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

My swimsuit, a thin cardigan sweater, a black wallet on a string that doubles as an evening bag, my i Pad mini, ear buds, a clear plastic bag with liquids and gels, a small cosmetic bag and comb, a reusable water bottle that I fill after check in, a few snacks such as almonds and raisins, pens, notepad, guidebook, my glasses and medications.My husband carries a back pack that fits under the seat and I carry a cross-body tote bag. The wheeled bags take up a bit more room, but allow us to move smoothly across airports and cobbled streets.The back pack and tote bag keep things handy in flight or in the car and work as a day bag once we are at our destination.The cross-body bag is a game changer as it allows me to hang on to railings on escalators or buses.Here is a closer look at what I packed for 5-10 days and how I adjusted the contents for four different trips.

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