Dating he doesnt take out who is benzino dating

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Dating he doesnt take out

TL; DR: Boyfriend never wants to do anything and has never taken me on a date. I think that this is truly for the better, for both of us. It probably means you have different ideas of whats fun and whats not.

He may be more of an introverted person and you more of an extrovert. Its not malicious, and he probably isn't ashamed of you or anything, but it sounds like your outside interests are not aligned really well.

Again, sorry if this makes me sound like a jerk face.

I know a lot of his friends because we are kind of in the same friend circle and he has told his family about me but minimal details and he won't take me to see them, nor will he come to see mine.

Obviously, you can be a couple indoors and out of doors and it doesn't seem like you're looking for validation but if you are STOP IT NOW.He's below my minimum acceptable level, and I say look around for a better fit.Introvert or not that's pretty rude and rather immature.She will have to decide whether or not this is something she can live with because from the looks of it he's not changing nor is he willing to change. You do need to make sure the way you are asking isn't nagging though.If you're sitting there pointing fingers and making a big deal out of all the times you've done something he wanted to do etc he will not take you anywhere and I wouldn't blame him.

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Even just a walk outside, or a coffee date would be a good compromise. He likes to go out with his friends on the weekends and stuff, but can't take you to dinner or a movie or go shopping with you?

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