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When I was young, nobody shaved their privates or even trimmed to a noticable degree. women have lost all the ground they won in the 60s,70s,80s, and 90ssomeone said it was fake breasts, gross, whats even more disgusting is grown women trying to look like pre teens LOL, WOW, I didnt know that women voting, bra burning, equality, and all that jazz was all pushed back because some women prefer to shave/trim or wax.

That's the way I like it now, because that's what I grew up with as normal. Some women cannot wax, some cannot shave, some have to wax on certain parts, but only shave others. I find it very exciting to have little to no hair on a woman, I'm not into an afroman look at all. It's just too bad that the trendies are all heading off to be sheared, like sheep.

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As a result I have a terrible aversion to pubic hair, always try to shave.

Moreover, life needs to be thrilling and adventurous as “simple is too boring”.

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Both the individuals can talk and ask about each other hobbies, profession, life goals, favourite movies and other such things in order to explore each other in a better way.

Moreover, there would not be any instances of long pauses when you know each other for a long time before.

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I guess there are people that don't mind getting a few short and curlies go down their throat when they are performing oral sex. Think about when you have to go to the bathroom, sweat, and when you have your 'monthly'. i shave cause getting pubic hair pulled during sex or just doing normal things like walking doesnt feel to good....

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