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The Rabbinical 10th Jubilee planned in 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll by the Essenes 2100 years ago, and 800 years ago by Rabbi Judah ben Samuel ended on the Eve of St Patrick's Day 2018. Meschisedek; no folks, this Melchisedek is not Jesus.

X is the symbol Emperor Constantine used with IHS "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (With this sign conquer) used to conquer followers of Jesus Christ; X=Chi=Christ Jupiter aka Planet X aka Marduk, Horus or Zeus. Sufice to say, MH-370 was about the KL-03 RF Microchip and 5G Global Broadband; destruction of Flesh on a worldwide scale. Net_5G What links the men behind 5G like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos is Burning Man Wicker Man, the London amusement park ride opened with the King's Calendar; May 1 "Beltane" or "May Day" 2018, the day Holocaust sacrifices burned in Wicker Cages. Jesus is Melchisedek (Gen ; Ps 111; Heb 7) "King of Jerusalem" "Priest of the Most High".In 1957 Con-man Walter Trump enters a Texas border town beating his drum (Drumpf=Drummer) loaded with occult symbolism, promising only he can save them by building a Wall.La Raza Unida (United Race), Voz de Aztlan (Voice of Aztlan) and MECh A (Mestizo Student Chicano movement of Aztlan) teach followers in the US and Mexico to bide their time before the Revolution reclaims Aztlan, the land once claimed by Mexico after the Conquistadores.

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A symbol for the alchemical element Sulfur, (Brimstone), spiritually analogous to the human soul.

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