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I agree with you, however, that there ought to be no compromise when it comes to inter FAITH.

Love hearing how you feel about dating a RACE that is different than your own (what ever your race is).

My mother was raised in the Methodist faith yet my father was Baptist.

It wasn’t until now that I even thought about how different that must have been for her.

My husband held a regional position in youth ministry and we travelled quite a bit during the first year.

From a global perspective, I saw hundreds of churches, youth groups and organizations moving and operating by the same guidelines and with the same purpose and specificity in mind.

I'm not one to be all super judgmental oh you're this race and that we can't be friend or have anything in common.

What I love about the Seventh Day Adventist church is that as a world religion, it is extremely organized.Jehova's Witnesses are also different, they dont believe in transfusions or transplants where as others do. Everyone is different and that can make it difficult to be in a relationship because fundamental beliefs may be different which can cause a hindrance in a couples spiritual/religious oneness.....ideal for anything is to be physically, mentally, emotional , and spiritually balanced.......if you both have strong faith in God and are spiritually connected to God...with prayer God will work it out in some way yeah i think that's what matters.I mean I go to his church or some of the events sometimes. I' m not going to convert( i still proudly wear my mary pendant...I figured that if I explained it that way, it would go over well and it did.After I got married, I heard all this buzz about bringing in the Sabbath.

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By Lana Moline As sunset approached each Friday, everything suddenly got quiet in my home. Well let me backtrack, I didn’t just grow up Baptist, I was born and raised in the church that my father helped to build and my mother was and still is the little hat wearing Sunday School teaching mother of the church.

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