Database dating website

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Database dating website

This means that you have a web page that grabs information from a database (the web page is connected to the database by programming,) and inserts that information into the web page each time it is loaded.

If the information stored in the database changes, the web page connected to the database will also change accordingly (and automatically,) without human intervention.

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This is commonly seen on online banking sites where you can log in (by entering your user name and password) and check out your bank account balance.

Client side (that is to say: in the browser) or what is called DOM scripting. Back when I originally wrote this article, we used to call it 'DHTML', which is short for Dynamic HTML.

The server 'knows' how to build the page by following the instructions provided by the programmer.

This is different from say Java Script (think drop down menus or alert boxes) that runs strictly in the web browser.

In a nutshell: static web pages (normal pages you build) always look the same and the content never changes unless you load a new page or you change the page yourself and upload the new version of the page to the web server.

Dynamic pages do the opposite, they can change every time they are loaded (without you having to make those changes) and they can change their content based on what users do, like clicking on some text or an image. ) One of the most common types of dynamic web pages is the database driven type.

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But don’t worry, my points are not in any way wrong.