Damage control dating gone wrong

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I’ll explain what this means by this in a short while, but first of all, you’ll need to know this…

This guide on Fractionation is fairly comprehensive, and written in a simple way so that it can be easily learned by just about anyone.

Can you imagine how much time and frustration that it will save you if you know how to use this technique on women?To help you out, I’ve created a step-by-step Action Checklist (in PDF format) which you can download and refer to whenever you want to use this technique on a woman.Just leaf through this 18-page PDF and check off everything you need to do without wrecking your brain trying to “figure out” if you forgot anything. Download here:- Fractionation is a process where you pull your target in by building rapport, and then break rapport, and then you pull her back in again so that you build a stronger level of rapport than the last time. Here are a couple of examples where you might have encountered Fractionation in your everyday life.But if you want to know how to win a woman over quickly, then this is the best technique to achieve that, bar none.What this means is that once you get a woman under your control using Fractionation, you can’t just make the effect go away so that she stops bugging you. ) stalker – especially if she’s emotionally unstable.

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I had gone over to pay a visit to Dr Fairweather at his hypnotherapy practice in swanky Knightsbridge, London over freezing winter a couple of years ago.

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