Dads agains daughters dating

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Dads agains daughters dating

The sacrifices they make for their families cannot be measured in any lifetime. This is about the numerous modern day single moms who set their sons on a sure path of rebellion, disrespect and dishonor.

In the state of Georgia, as in most urban areas, two thirds of the Black children born, are born to unwed mothers. I am dealing with a critical issue that has devastated multiple generations.

The Lord spoke to me and said, “Arise and break this generational curse!

” He was speaking about the mass number of single mothers who raise their sons to fail in life.

He got a female pregnant while in high school, but instead of abandoning her and baby like his dad, he married her. Even at my behest, his wife refused to file charges. Their little girl will be 5-years-old in 2004 and Joseph has never held a conversation with her because of distrust and hatred of all females. Sit down and, go get me a…” Joseph kicked her across the room one night when she attempted to stop him from physically assaulting her mother. I realize that what I’m sharing may be painful and may open up some festering wounds.

Not because he loved her, but to prove his mother wrong. The only things he has said to his daughter is, “Shut up! It may even spark some dissenting and harsh responses.

She would choke her older son, ( I’ll call Joseph ) while swearing at him and cursing his father.

But like many women, Racine chose to ignore those irrefutable facts.

I had one incident in which a woman, (I’ll call Racine ) was dating a man, she got pregnant by him and they moved in together.

Like many women who give themselves to dishonorable men, Racine assumed that she could change him and that he would eventually marry her.

Because of how his mother abused him and his little brother, Joseph detests the female gender with an unforgiving passion. I could share with you so many other cases and incidents such as the large number of single mothers who for various reasons refuse to divulge to their kids who their true biological father are.

Like his mother had been drilling in his ears for years, he followed in the footsteps of his father. Even worse, Joseph’s daughter is a likely candidate to believe that all men are dogs and become an angry Black female. These women don’t realize how their callous insensitivity has damaged their children.

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This root of bitterness, (See Hebrews and Romans ) will manifest itself in other areas of these boy’s lives.