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A manuscript which narrates the descents of the founders of Lanthony Abbey names Matildis as second daughter and heiress of Gilbertus de Lacy, son of Walterus de Lacy, adding that she married Galfridi de Geneville, and also lists their descendants.

An order dated records "recognizance by Geofferey de Geneville, Matilda his wife and Peter their eldest son" to "William de Valence" for the commission of lands of Maurice Fitz Gerald in Ireland, deceased and for the marriage of Gerald son and heir of the said Maurice, under age, and in custody of the said William.

The obvious answer would be Rudolf III King of Burgundy.

However, if this was correct it is more likely that the document would have specified "regis" rather than "senioris".

It also appears that "Senioris Roberti" should be read together with "Hugonis Nepotis" as if it read "Hugonis nepotis senioris Roberti".It is possible that it refers to "Hugo episcopus de Geneva civitate", who countersigned the document, or another ecclesiastical dignitary who was Roberts suzerain in respect of the property which was donated under the charter. "Robertus comes" donated property "in pago Genovense et ini villa de Peloniaco" to the monastery of Pellionex, for the souls of "Episcopi Geroldi qui locum construxit Hugonis Nepotis, Senioris Roberti Conradi Patris Robertiipsius Robertietfilii sui Conradi et Hugonis clerici parentis Roberti", by charter dated to [1019/20], signed by "Conradi filii Roberti""Rodulfus rex et Mathildis soror eius" are named as children of "Mathildefilia Gerberga" in the Continuator of Flodoard, which specifies that Mathilde was mother of Berta who was mother of "Geroldus Genevensis" ."Rodulfus rex et Mathildis soror eius" are named children of "Mathildefilia Gerberga" in the Continuator of Flodoard, which specifies that Mathilde was mother of Berta who was mother of "Geroldus Genevensis" ---. However, it would not be chronologically impossible if he was Conrad, son of Robert Comte de Genve, who is shown above.The primary source which confirms her marriage has not yet been identified.] [A family relationship is indicated between Rudolf von Rheinfelden King of Germany and Graud Comte de Genve: a continuation of the Annales of St Gallen records that in 1064 Rudolfus dux attacked Burgundiones and expelled sui sororini...rebellis Geroldi from Geneva.The second of these can be excluded in the context of the Rheinfelden family given our knowledge about the families of Rudolfs wives, as well as the third given the chronology of the lives of Graud and Rudolf which suggests that the former was born earlier than the latter.

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