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Bowdoin dating

One of the reasons that I chose Bowdoin was the social life. We do have social houses, but, to put it simply, they're co-ed and not at all exclusive.Instead, they're basically in charge of hosting campus-wide parties and events, ie. On the weekends, people definitely party, but there are tons of other things to do as well.It's definitely a school that's into organizations, whether that's varsity athletics, the Outing Club, Club Sports, Activist/Political organizations, and I think it's a significantly more rewarding place socially if you're the type of person that gets into these kinds of activities.I started rowing last year, and not only are we a small, intimate program comprised of fun kids with whom I always have a great time, we are also dedicated, and quite competitive for such a small program.I've met friends through my dorm, clubs, and just randomly meeting and chatting with people.Students here, especially in the beginning, are eager to make friends.

Right now, I am sitting in my common room, with four other people, three of whom are not my roommates.

I've tried crew, Taiko drumming, organic gardening, and volunteering at a homeless shelter since being here.

All of these different clubs/groups were extremely easy to join (and easy to leave if I found that I wasn't crazy about them).

Bowoin theater is very popular, and the Winter and Spring dance shows are always packed. There are usually parties on the weekends in the social houses, but sometimes there are weekends when there is absolutely nothing to do but your homework.

One of the most popular groups on campus is Improvabilities. Ivies Weekend is the biggest drinking weekend at the school.

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The dating scene isn't too prevalent, mostly just weekend flings, but there are some campus couples.