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I am afraid Sarah that applying weedkiller or other substances to the base of your Leylandiis is not worthwhile and can cause you substantial problems.The trees will become unstable, cause dead needles to be scattered all over your garden and you would be far better employing a Tree Surgeon to cut the trees down to base level and remove the trunks and debris.It's not a fake video.'And she dismissed criticisms she was peddling fake news as the so-called migrant in the video was in fact a citizen of the Netherlands.Ms Coulter said: 'Nobody cares about "migrant" against "child of migrant".I appreciated that this is going to be far more expensive but will in the long term be far safer and cause you and your neighbour far less problems.------If leylandii trees are infected with Phytophera can you treat the soil in order to replant with leylandii or laurel hedging?With regard to your soil which has been infected with the soil borne Phytophera fungi I would not replant with Leylandii and I would personally replant with a Beech Hedge.------I planted 80 Cypress Leylandii Golden 18 months ago to grow as a hedge and provide a windbreak.Now, he's a regular course tutor at Alston Hall, Longridge and Lancaster Adult College.For three decades, Bill has travelled the county with fellow judges as a regional judge for North West in Bloom.

Quite often Mike new growth will appear but it will take years rather than months and with Leylandiis which have been neglected you do tend to find that they 'flop open' and you may need to string some wires through your hedge to bring the main shoots closer together.She is one of just 45 Twitter accounts the US President follows and it is thought Mr Trump spotted the video after spotting her endorsement.Nick Robinson interviewed her on the show's famous 8.10am slot during which Ms Coulter defended retweeting the video - dismissed as fake news by authorities - despite not fact checking it.Any vigorous hedge such as Leylandii Richard does take out vast amounts of nutrients from the soil and you will need to replace these nutrients before replanting another hedge.What I would do is to incorporate plenty of well rotted manure which will improve the texture of the soil and also add nutrients.

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There is also another soil borne fungi Phytophera which infects the roots of conifers but this is generally a disease of poorly drained soil.

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