Bangkok free sex dating sites

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Bangkok free sex dating sites

This will be a guide for anyone planning to go Thailand for the first time to have a sex holiday.This post will focus on budgeting and what to bring.If this is your first trip to Thailand I would avoid Bangkok.In Pattaya and Phuket however you have so many girls to choose from that you will never run out of options.

If your main reason to go to Thailand is to have sex with lots of hot Asian girls in exchange of money.Phuket however have nothing like the sky train or the baht bus.If you want to move from town to town you’ll have to take a taxi or motorbike taxi.Taxis in Bangkok is also very cheap with a rate of roughly 2 dollars per km.In Pattaya you have the baht bus that will take you everywhere along Beach Rd and Pattayasaisong Rd for only 10 baht.

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It will cover what you need to plan and how much money you’ll need to bring to do all the stuff you want to do. You are going in high season in December or January.

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