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Alternatively, the user on the client computer can schedule or initiate the software update installation prior to the deadline.After the attempted installation, client computers send state messages back to the site server to report whether the software update installation was successful.Typically, you start by manually deploying software updates to create a baseline for your client computers, and then you manage software updates on clients by using automatic deployment.You can select software updates in the Configuration Manager console and manually start the deployment process.

If you run Windows 10 (Professional, Enterprise, or Education ), you can use the Local Group Policy Editor to quickly change the settings to prevent Windows 10 from automatically downloading and installing updates.

Here's how to change the Local Group Policy Editor settings: You should select the update option you want to configure.

If you select option 4, you can specify exactly when to install new updates.

After you create an ADR, you can add additional deployments to the rule.

This can help you manage the complexity of deploying different updates to different collections.

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We do not recommend using a computer without the latest updates, because they're often key to keeping your Windows 10 PC running properly.

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