Assertive or accommodating

Posted by / 31-Mar-2020 18:27

Assertive or accommodating

Nor do you need to be more assertive in every context every day.

“You can bring out your competitive side when it’s useful and you can dial back and be accommodating when it’s helpful,” says Ames.

“The connection between what we think we’re doing and what others see is very weak. Therefore, it might help to get feedback from trusted colleagues or to conduct a 360-degree review.

Zander suggests you ask yourself: “Are you willing to talk to anyone about what you want?Feel free to be friendly and empathic while asking for your needs to be met,” says Ames.Find your own style instead of trying to imitate others. “Women need to be aware that becoming more like men is not sustainable,” says Cox.“My experience with reserved, shy people is that the relational context matters to them,” says Ames.Therefore, it can help to get to know people outside of work.

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” This will create a track record of your success and indicate whether you need to adjust your style.