Assbergers dating sites

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Assbergers dating sites

(I don't know if they are spelled right or not.) The stratera/tenex combination works best for my son but all kids are diffferent.

And be prepaired, as soon as you find one that works his system will change and you have to start all over. I think the worse part is that people always think it is something that you did or that you don't have a good home life. If I had a quarter for everytime I heard, 'I know you do the best you can as a single mom but...' On top of that we live in a little community where everyone knows everyone else's business; I always catch people whispering and pointing. If you enter bi-polar in your search engine you will find some good stuff too.

Is there any other parents out there dealing with the same??? He was just put into another school, this one a social skills school for children like him (2 teachers 6 students) His first week when great (knock on wood!!! Have you accessed the government program called families of children with disabilities.

I do find it hard at times due to having siblings.... Is there any place eles I haven't mentioned above that would have any resources for a child like my son???

He was moved into the class for "learning difficulties' for the next two years and with a lot of parent participation, he improved tremendously.

We are constantly changing meds and the school system is NO help.

I live in NC and I found an organization that does mental health couseling.

little boy can take me down to the ground (not that I'm proud of it or anything) He has tried group play dates, nursery school (he was booted from 2) Day camp, summer camp, also the Season's Centre For Grieving Children, Kinark, S. Dr's it seems now a days just like trying what's new... some ppl I know kids did very well on it, my son didn't.

He is on two different types of medication (prob can't remember the spelling on them) He takes one in the morning, one at lunch, 3/4 of one late in the afternoon, and one around 7 PM.

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S, there isn't many options for a child his age (and that he'd wanna do) Big brothers won't take him due to his violent atittude at times.