Application screenupdating false does not work

Posted by / 27-Jun-2020 22:07

Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Page Break State = Active Sheet.

The addition of that single line of code provides a work around.

So I put a break point before the line of code and stepped through. application.screenupdating in the immediate window and it returned TRUE.

I then typed application.screenupdating = false in the immediate window and it that changed it to TRUE.

Screen Updating=false is not working Here is my code: Application.

If macro3 does turn screenupdating off but then turns it back on at the end, you'll see the screen redraw then. Simply removing Screenupdating = True from all the macros should resolve that. If your question is answered then please remember to mark it solved Computers are like air conditioners.

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Just had a look at the first returned link and the guy in question was stepping through code (As I said, it doesn't work if you do that).