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Adult amature videos chattanooga

Those of us "of a certain age" can still remember live sex shows. First were the peep shows with "Live Nude Girls" behind the glass. More popular were the one-on-one booths where you not only saw a girl, but you got to chat with her on the phone, telling her what do do and listening to her talk dirty while she fucked herself.

(That always struck me as better than the alternative, once you think about it.) In some cases, these girls did their thing on a stage surrounded by small windows that opened into peep booths where men would drop money into a machine that would give them a peek for a minute or two. In some towns, there was even an opening in the glass for more "interactive" enjoyment.

But, like a number of women I have seen in porn theaters through the years, as much as she was enjoying the attention, she was reluctant to cum in public. I am sure that they enjoyed a very satisfying fuck session in a more private environment.

The other lady was a petite GILF with some excellent tits, nicely wrapped in a short strapless summer dress.

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It's always nice when a guy is willing to share his wife with a stranger in a porn theater!

Apparently, she didn't mind being exposed, since hubby had her big tits out and her dress pulled all the way up.

Her legs were spread wide, letting the boys in the row ahead of her get a good look. Finally, she declared that she couldn't take it any more and she and hubby hit the door.

The only thing holding the top of the dress in place were those firm boobs. They had settled into the back of the theater area.

Hubby was on on the extreme right end of the row, his wife to his left, and then a young guy that they apparently knew just a couple of feet to her left.

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